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Good series so far.

1) The dimensionality is good analysis when the features vary by subnetwork. Definitely lends itself to vertical competition in subnetworks.

2) Network effects are a little more variable based on business I think, as local-based competition is very different for food delivery vs short term rentals. Another network to check out and think about in your analysis is FieldNation, a US-based platform for onsite technicians supporting PC/POS/Cable installs and maintenance. They seem to match high-capacity (invested in their features) while being a single vertical. Their "global" geography provides barriers to entry for local-only competitors.

One other platform is Rover, for pet sitting (they have a nice platform). You would think pet-sitting services are a collection of subnetworks, but building up supply is a barrier to entry and haven't seen an obvious competitor in the overall market , unlike Lyft arising to challenge Uber. Technically, you might say that there should be the potential for a competitor to arise in local markets to combat Rover...just haven't come across one yet.

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